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Welcome, Tenants! Our aim is to provide clear and helpful resources to ensure your stay is as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. Please note that there may be some additional rules (differences between rental houses and apartments), as detailed in your lease agreements.

Rules & Requirements

To maintain a safe and enjoyable living environment, tenants must adhere to the following rules and requirements:

General Rules

You are responsible for: paying your rent on time, paying any late fees, keeping the place clean and safe, not letting anyone else damage it, not breaking the law, disposing of your garbage, and following all rules.

Renter's Insurance

All PRA tenants are required to carry renter's insurance with Apple Realty named as "party of interest", "additional interest", or "additional interested party". Please note that neither Apple Realty's insurance nor the owner's insurance on the property will cover you or your belongings.

Check with your auto insurance provider to see if they offer renter's insurance. Alternatively, many of our tenants use Lemonade.

Tenant Portal:

Rent Payments

Tenants may access the tenant portal to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and view your balance. There is also a mobile app called "Resident Connect" available in the Google Play and Apple App store:

Other payment options are listed at

Maintenance and Repairs

Please submit all non-emergency maintenance and repair requests through the tenant portal. When making a request, include photos of the issue (if possible) and inform us of suitable times for a repair technician to access the property. If you have other questions or issues don't hesitate to contact us.

If it's an emergency please contact 911 & then call us.

Late Fees

All rent is due on or before the 1st of every month. Payments can be made through the 4th without any late fees. Late fees start accruing on day 5 and max out on day 10.

Payments received by Landlord when there are arrearages shall be credited first to any outstanding balance, and then applied to the current amount due.

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