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Tired of Waiting for Your Home to Sell?

Motivated? Flexible in your pricing? Frustrated by advertising hassles? A real estate auction may be just the thing for you! Here's why:

By selling your Tennessee or Virginia property through an Apple Realty Auction, you'll be able to tap into the auction loving crowd, including the people who have money on hand to spend at your auction right now.

Auctions bring a crowd of potential buyers directly to your property. The sale happens right there and then, with buyers competing with one another. This is especially beneficial for houses that have proven themselves difficult to sell.

You choose the type of auction that's right for you:

Absolute Auction
An auction with no set price. This type of auction usually attracts more buyers because they know you are very serious about unloading your property. The property is sold to the highest bidder, regardless of price.
Minimum Bid Auction
With this type of auction, we advertise the lowest acceptable amount that you'll take. So set your price low enough to generate excitement for your sale. Keep in mind that pricing too high will hinder interest.
Reserve auction
You won't be required to sell your home unless the highest bid is more than the minimum price that you set. Buyers, won't know what your bottom dollar price is while they are bidding.

Contact Apple Realty & Auction NOW to find out how to get your property ready to sell through a real estate auction.

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