Apple Realty's Process for Renting Homes

Apple Realty manages several rental properties in the area. If you are interested in seeing one of these get in touch, and we'll up a time for you to see the property.

Background Check

We conduct comprehensive checks on credit, criminal background, and rental history. Each adult applicant is required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $39.95, covering the cost of the background and credit check. Tenants moving from another Apple Realty property are exempt from this fee.

Income & Credit Requirements

Our rental policy stipulates that the rent should not exceed 30% of your income, with a recommended threshold of 25% or lower. The precise rent amount is clearly specified on the listing page. While perfect credit isn't a requirement for renting from us, we do conduct a credit check. If your credit score falls below 650, we will require a security deposit that is double the standard amount.


If after viewing the property you'd like to put in an application — The application can be downloaded or printed from here. If you don't have a means of printing the application, we'll be happy to make other accommodations for you.

Please note that every adult staying in the home will be listed on the lease and will have to make seperate application.

Once the application(s) are filled out, drop them off at our office in Blountville. We have an after hours drop-box beside the front door. (Do not leave cash in box). Alternatively, you may e-mail the application to to

If your application is denied, the security deposit will be returned to you. However, security deposits are non-refundable for any other reason. If you simply back out -OR- change your mind after turning in an application, you will not get it back.


How Long Does It Take?

Once we have the application, we will begin the process of calling your references, verifying your income, and ordering the background/credit checks. The whole process usually takes a few days—please allow 3 business days before checking on your application. (It may take longer, if your references are not responsive.) Someone from Apple Realty will let you know whether or not you've been approved.

Once Approved, Before You Move In

Assuming everything checks out, we'll prepare the lease paperwork and get it ready for you to sign. After you have signed the lease, go ahead and get utilities turned on in your name and get a receipt.

At this point we'll need:

After we get these from you—we'll give you the keys and you're free to move in (on the lease start date)!

Application Denied

If your application is denied, the security deposit will be returned to you. Someone from Apple Realty will get in touch to discuss the return of security deposit, and discuss the details of the application.

Late Fees

All rent is due on or before the 1st of every month. Payments can be made through the 4th without any late fees. Late fees start accruing on day 5 and max out on day 10.

Payments received by Landlord when there are arrearages, shall be credited first, to any outstanding balance, and then applied to the current amount due.

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